About Us

5-21-2014 10-24-52 PM     We are a faith based coalition with the goal of assisting families and individuals that are homeless in South Weld County. An existing hotel voucher system, implemented by the cooperation of a local church alliance was previously invaluable in this area. Unfortunately due to growth in our community and a local oil boom, this program has been unable to serve the community effectively. Hotel rooms are booked for months, leaving many to face the nights in their cars or other makeshift accommodations. Over four years ago this group began discussing what could be done to intervene for those struggling to find stability, and we are now ready to implement some solutions.
Our program is year round.  We will facilitate a 30 day relief from homelessness for up to four individuals, or two families (a maximum of 8 occupants) with a possibility of 30 day extension. Maximum length of stay is 60 days in any calendar year. United Methodist Church of Fort Lupton has graciously donated the use of a residential property for this purpose, aptly named The Miracle House.
Applicants will undergo an interview process prior to acceptance, and must be willing to follow all program rules and guidelines including actively seeking housing and employment. All children must attend school. CBI background check and daily breathalyzer for adults. Upon acceptance guests will be enrolled in case management. We will provide this in a customized program that will assist in job and housing placement, as well as family counseling and other social assistance programs available through Weld County. This service will continue indefinitely, until they have found permanent living arrangements. Even after they have timed out of this program. Throughout their stay guests will meet with their case manager in an effort to obtain entitlements/benefits such as section 8, disability, or unemployment, as well as pursue living arrangements and job opportunities. Accountability for actions and efforts toward improving their situation will be upheld.
We will love them… Every single person in our group has an enormous desire to pour into the lives of others in need of lifting up in more than just physical needs. Our daily commitment will be to provide a breakfast, a dinner, and a safe, comfortable place to sleep for the night.

With paid staff, we are now able to provide an open house 24/7, thus enabling our guests to have a place to stay during the day as they pursue job leads and work with case management.

It is an unfortunate consequence being homeless. When people run out of options we hope to be a small safety net for this community that we are so tightly connected to. This program is intended to be edifying, and a place to regain some stability in life. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, and will be constantly finding and tracking ways to measure our results.

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