Our Mission

Hope @ Miracle House is a faith-based community organization that compassionately seeks to address the needs of homeless families through safe shelter, food, and supportive services.

Our Story

In 2013 a group of people realized that there was a big homeless population in Ft Lupton and there was absolutely no help for them. They got together and formed a 501 (c) 3, rented a house from the First United Methodist Church of Ft Lupton. 2015 on 1 October 2015 the doors were opened to the first family. The first couple of years Hope @ Miracle House (H@MH) was open only during the cold times October-March, 7 pm- 7 am daily. Right before COVID we realized that the need for housing did not stop in the summer months and there were even more families who were homeless. H@MH was able to gain another building that would house two other families and came with two offices! In 2019 we not only went year-round but 24/7 and could house up to 6 families at a time.

H@MH is open to any family who needs housing. We are the only family shelter in Southwest Weld County. We do not have mandatory stay time.

 The Board feels that 60-90 days is not enough time for most families to get jobs, get kids in school, save money, and maybe be taught other things needed to obtain and retain their own housing,

 If the rules of the house are kept and there are no problems, they may stay. They do have monthly, sometimes bimonthly case management meetings to set their goals and see the progress of those goals. This is to ensure they are moving towards independent living. They must complete job seeking logs, housing seeking logs (verified by staff). All children of school age must attend school.

After 90 days staff reports back to the board and decisions are made on what the nest steps are to help the families succeed.

HMIS system is used as the intake process, Families are given copies and must sign the same copies of the rules and regulations upon intake.

All families are treated with respect and are provided with some household supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, beds, bedding, washer and dryer, fridges, dry storage for all families, fully stocked kitchen.

 Each family has their own room with a keyless entry, they share common areas. In the past couple of years, due to some amazing grants, we have been able to update all the house except the kitchen. We encourage our families to work together, and many have become lifelong friends.

Board of Directors

Jacque Kerr

Mark Janzen
Vice President

Veronica Esparsen

Chrystal Cleverley

Gwen Ceretto

Donna Howard         

Sue Hubert

Mary Ellen LeBlanc

Perla Guerrero

Julie Spadi

Karen Fernandez

Laverne Davis

Jordan Dunn

If you have inquiries to the board, please email: hopeatmiraclehouse@gmail.com Attn: Board of Directors

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Deb DeMille
Program Director
(35 hrs/wk)

Kelli Holland
Shift Monitor
(15 hrs/wk)